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What are the best scheduling software sites

Integrating an online tour/activity scheduling software is the best thing for your tour/activity business in the current economic climate.


Integrating an online tour/activity scheduling software is the best thing for your tour/activity business in the current economic climate. Customers now look for ease and convenience when booking tours and activities — two things that all scheduling software sites provide. However, with the increasing rise in online tour booking software popularity, you want to ensure you have chosen the best software system for your business. The diversity in scheduling software nowadays can make choosing one a difficult task sometimes.

Other than providing your customers with a seamless experience, the scheduling software should cater to your needs as a business too. To help you make the ideal choice, we have listed some of the best scheduling software sites below.

TripAdmit Thrive

An extremely user-friendly online booking software, TripAdmit Thrive emphasizes user experience UX design. The services that TripAdmit Thrive offers are created to provide meaningful experiences to consumers. An entire thought process is dedicated to the branding, design, usability and function of TripAdmit's online booking software. This helps ensure the greatest user experience, including pleasure, convenience and efficiency.

Acting as an end-to-end solution with a B2B focus, TripAdmit Thrive enables suppliers to set up and administrate their tour/activities through their ticketing system platform. Then, the brand works with suppliers to add their created tours to their own websites and online platforms with booking widgets. The whole system offers customers the ideal user experience and ultimately increases sales.

Moreover, TripAdmit Thrive offers:

  • an efficient online booking engine
  • price and inventory management
  • convenient online payment gateway
  • content and information management
  • channel management
  • reporting and operations

TripAdmit's online scheduling software system prides itself on working with clients to help build their own experiences and make it as unique and personalized as can be.


Rezdy is an online booking platform similar to TripAdmit with a B2B focus. The company claims to help operators and resellers save time and money by automating operations as much as possible. With online booking platforms, your business can remain open 24/7, and clients can book tours/activities on their own time. However, this convenience is not only extended to customers but clients as well.

Suppliers no longer have to manually schedule and book tours/activities, since the online booking software automates the majority of the processes. For example, many online booking platforms include a Smart Calendar.


Coras is a single solution company that provides clients with services to help sell more tickets with the distribution power of the biggest online brands. They do this by connecting customers to tickets through websites they're already using or frequently use. This way, potential customers are able to purchase tickets, and tour/activity suppliers do not have to invest as much to market their services.

However, unlike online booking and scheduling software, Coras focuses solely on distributing and selling tickets.


GetYourGuide is an online travel agency and marketplace for tour/activity suppliers to showcase their services. Keeping convenience and an ideal customer experience in mind, GetYourGuide is accessible via website and mobile app for iOS and Android, with booking information available to clients at all times — online or offline.

The travel agency boasts a vast range of tours and activities based in various cities, including top tourist attractions worldwide like Niagara Falls, Ontario, Palace of Versailles, Grand Canyon and Stonehenge. Customers can also choose their destinations according to their liking in the top attraction categories.


Overall, you might have noticed specific factors to look for when choosing a scheduling software/site. You want software that offers value for money and a consistent way to increase sales, but also one that doesn't empty your pockets, tour/activity booking automation, and online payments. These are what any tour/activity scheduling software can offer you.

However, try to aim for ones that:

  • market your services through different social media platforms.
  • create your custom branded booking page.
  • have ease of use. Ensure that you are choosing software that has a convenient onboarding process and a simple yet responsive interface.
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