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Utilising Features For Selling Successfully Online

The more of the features that TripAdmit offers that you integrate onto your website, the more sales you will make. Lets take a quick look at some of these features now and why they are important.


Book Now Bar

When a user lands on your website, if the first thing they see at the top of the page is a clear call to action telling them to book the likelier they are to convert. Heatmaps and common user interaction habits tell us that users are unlikely to scroll down on a website, having your call to action within the first page fold, preferably in the header, is cruical for beginning the purchase userflow.

Promo Codes

Offer a small discount on your tour or activity and use your promo code on social media as a method for driving traffic to your site. People love a bargain and promo codes are the most effective method for gaining their attention.


Running a sale or promtion is also a good method of driving traffic to your website, if visitors can see that their is a sale running [with an end date] they are more likely to purchase. Promotions can be seasonal, centered around holidays or used as an method for filling bookings in low or shoulder seasons.

Stripe Connect

The quicker you can see payments from bookings enter your bank account, the more incentivised you will be to drive traffic to your website. With our stripe connect feature you can now integrate payments from your website directly into your own bank account.


Extras are an extrememly useful method for increasing your margin on tours or activities. Optional extras let users know that the service or product is there but doesn’t hinder their purchasing decision by making it madantory. The more the advertised price changes throughout the purchase flow, the more drop off in conversions you will see.

Custom Questions

Many times our customers will include a custom question in the booking flow, this is useful for you as a supplier as it enables you to manage your time on the day of the tour/activity more effectively but it also gives your offering a personal touch and enables you to extend your customer service before the customer has even purchased from you.

Fun Fact: By pre-populating the participant field with a selection of 1 instead of 0, we have increased booking conversion rates for all of our customers by 5%. Our Dev team is always making small tweaks to the TripAdmit platform to ensure that you see increased sales.