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Tips and Tricks for Marketing Approaching Midterm

As we approach the February mid-term, Many people have now booked their first short break in a long time.


As we approach the February mid-term and many economies around the world are coming out of strict covid restrictions, many people have now booked their first short break for the first time in what seems like a long time. With this incoming wave of domestic and foreign travellers, tour and activity providers are presented with an opportunity to fill the daily schedule of these visitors. Now - in the few weeks leading up to this break - is the time to market and sell your wares in order to generate online bookings. Here are some valuable tips:

1.Social Media Marketing

Assuming you have identified your target market, set up and run a paid social media promotion with a direct link to where a customer can book your tour or activity on your website. Plant the seed with potential customers now.

2. Make sure Booking Buttons are Clear and Obvious

The more clutter on your website, the harder it will be for a potential customer to see what it is you are intending to sell them. Call to action buttons should be prominent on your webpage - talk to our team now to get this changed quickly.

3.Consider a Promo Code

On the TripAdmit ticketing system you can now setup a promo code which can offer a customer a discount on your tour or activity at the checkout. Promo codes are an incentive you give customers that will encourage a booking conversion.

4.Consider Running a Sale

Even better than a promo code, a sale will put a discount on the tours or activities that you choose, doing this will show the customer the saving they can get before having to enter a promo code.

5.Ensure your Tours and Activities are Configured Correctly

It would be a shame if this opportunity was to come and pass and your product wasn’t available for purchase online. We are happy to check that your intended availability is reflected in your online offering.

6.Hotel Partnerships

Many of your potential customers will be staying locally in a hotel. Have you an agreement in place to kick back some profits to a hotel in order for them to recommend your tour or activity over that of a rival. Now and before Summer would be a good time to consider this avenue of sales generation.

7.Visitor Centres

Is your product listed in a visitor centre and does that visitor centre know that booking can be completed online? Visitor centres are more likely to advise visitors about a tour or activity that can be booked there and then in a minute at the centre as opposed to having to call or send the visitors in that direction.

We at TripAdmit are here to help you maximise your marketing efforts in 2022. Our team of marketing and customer success experts are on hand to guide you in selling online. Face-to-face video calls can easily be arranged through our customer success manager. Valentina Tantari.

For existing customers, simply email to arrange a date and time.

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