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How to Drive Midweek Sales

In the tours and activites industry, bookings generally happen within 48 hours of the particiapnts arrival. Read our guide for tips and tricks for generating midweek sales.



In the tours and activities industry, bookings generally happen within 48 hours of the participants arrival. Early in January 2022 - the sales trend we are observing most frequently is that customers across all sectors tend to book on a Thursday for arrival on Saturday or Sunday.

Gross Volume Sales in Jan 22 - Spikes represent sales at the start of weekends.

This is all well and good for having a busy weekend, but many operators are asking:

‘How can I generate sales for the rest of the week?’

As the evenings get longer and the weather begins to improve, there is an opportunity for tour and activity operators to generate bookings for midweek. Below are a few tips and tricks to achieve just this using the TripAdmit plaftform:

Target your Domestic Market

An often overlooked market in the tours and activities industry is the domestic market, this can consist of couples, families or individuals looking to socialise. Tailor your product and it’s messaging to cater more to this domestic market over outside visitors to the locality.

Consider Running a Shorter Tour

During the week people will generally be working, a tour or activity is a great way of breaking the normal mundane midweek routine. The trick with running a midweek tour is to give people an option for an hour or two as opposed to a longer day long tour.

Shorter Tour - Lower Price Point

If you have implemented the second tip, consider the price point. It is harder to get people to book midweek, If your price point is lower, you significantly increase the likelihood of attracting a midweek booking. Some people will book purely on comparing the price point so also factor this in.

Corporate Bookings

As many workplaces return to the office, it is at the forefront of office managers minds that there is an adjustment for their staff. A tour or activity provides the ideal team outing to raise the mood and generate a good office atmosphere, consider tailoring your marketing message to this prime midweek group booking candidate.

Flash Sales

Run a midweek sale or setup a promo code that can be used during midweek only, any financial incentive that you can give your customer that allows you to operate within your profit margin is going to be mutually beneficial.

Implementing the above suggestions can be done quickly with the help of one of our customer success agents, contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your online targets.