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Eastern Airways to Offer Tours Through TripAdmit

Regional carrier Eastern Airways is to start selling tours and experiences on its website through an arrangement with activities booking specialist TripAdmit.


Eastern Airways, which is based at Humberside airport, will use TripAdmit’s white label platform to offer a range of activities at passengers’ destinations during the booking stage of the process.

Tim Horwood, head of commercial systems of Eastern Airways, said: “Some of the world’s greatest and most exciting tours and experiences are available in the UK and Ireland and TripAdmit has an extensive range to choose from.

“Our new online service will include rich content and images created to inspire our passengers. Making a booking is easy, with personalisation through AI simplifying the entire process for an improved experience throughout.”

Eastern Airways has joined TripAdmit’s universal partnership programme which aims to increase ancillary revenue streams for airlines, online travel agencies and other suppliers.

Customers will be sent a link to the airline’s tours and experiences page showing the available options. They can then search for more information and make a booking.

Carl Cromie, director of travel partnerships at TripAdmit, added: “Our technology helps airlines connect with passengers and generate sales from this growing sector.”