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Bókun - TripAdmit

Exciting Partnership Announcement: Bókun and TripAdmit Join Forces


We're thrilled to share an exciting announcement: TripAdmit has entered into a strategic partnership with Bókun. This collaboration allows us to integrate our groundbreaking digital tipping and review solution, TipDirect, into the Bókun platform.

Find us on the Bokun App Store here: TipDirect - Digital Tipping

As the world continues to transition away from cash-based transactions, it's evident that the future is cashless. It's not just a passing trend, but rather a global shift that's gaining momentum. Recognizing this, we're dedicated to providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our users. We aim to ensure that travellers can express their satisfaction and gratitude for the services they enjoy in a manner that's seamless, quick, and incredibly easy - all through a few taps on their phone.

This integration of TipDirect with the Bókun platform is a leap forward in achieving this goal. But that's not all it offers. It comes packed with a multitude of valuable features designed to enrich the experience for both customers & operators:

  • Direct Tipping with Contactless Payments: This feature allows travellers to tip guides directly, rendering physical cash unnecessary. Not only is this contactless payment solution extremely convenient, it also takes the operators out of the equation of handling guide tips.
  • AI-Assisted Reviews: With the integration of AI-assisted reviews, travellers are further facilitated in sharing their experiences. This not only provides a platform for users to voice their feedback on their experience but also equips operators with valuable feedback. Armed with these insights, operators can identify areas that need improvement, enhancing their services and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Upselling Opportunities: TipDirect also includes a feature that allows operators to upsell other tours and offers to engaged users. This opens up the potential for increased revenue, making it a clever addition to any operator's toolkit.
  • Boost Social Engagement: Operators can encourage travellers to like and follow their social media pages. This is an excellent way to expand their digital footprint and enhance their online visibility, thereby reaching more potential customers.

We are extremely excited about this partnership and are convinced of the immense value it will bring to Bókun users. We look forward to seeing the positive impacts that this integration will have on our community!

To learn more about TipDirect, visit our site:

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