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Best Tour Operator Software

Looking for something to help you organise your tours and activities better? An efficient tour operator software is the best solution for tour/activity providers


Looking for something to help you organise your tours and activities better? An efficient tour operator software is the best solution for tour/activity providers and online travel agencies. You get to manage multiple important aspects such as customer and tour information, bookings, payments, cancellations, and so much more — all in one singular platform! Tour operator software offers your customers the convenience of automating daily tedious tasks and online booking and purchasing, which is highly prevalent and desired in the current economic climate — around 148.3 million travel bookings are made by people online every year.

Here are some of the advantages of implementing tour operator software into your business:

1. Business is open 24/7. With tour operator software, you can forget worrying about opening and closing times and catering to each customer individually. The software does that for you since it is accessible at all times, from anywhere in the world. Customers can find all the information they need, pick and choose their desired tours and purchase it, regardless of the time of day!

2. It enables customers to book in different languages and currencies. Tour operator software allows tour/travel businesses to expand their audience and cater to an array of customers by offering different languages and currencies while booking. Many tours and activities companies don't realise the huge language barrier prevailing today. Luckily, with the ideal tour operator software, you can easily overcome this issue.

3. Tour operator software saves time and money — automates the majority of your tasks.

Say goodbye to the days of tedious, manual tasking. With tour operator software, you can reduce administrative task times such as:

  • enabling automatic cancellations
  • organising booking with the help of a 'smart' calendar
  • tracking bookings in real-time
  • amending/updating prices
  • sending confirmation and reminder emails
  • and updating tour availability.

Moreover, you can receive payments directly thanks to the payment set-up features, making the experience extremely hassle-free.

4. The system increases overall business efficiency.

Since tour operator software track your bookings, payments and general activity on the tours/activities, you will have readily available digital marketing opportunities and content. Many tour operator solutions also link to different social media platforms which helps expand your companies exposure and creates new booking opportunities constantly.

These are some of the many reasons a significantly large chunk of tour/activity providers and online travel agencies have opted for tour operator software. But, how do you choose the perfect one for your business?

Here are some essential features to look out for when choosing a tour operator:

Tour/activity creation:

The ideal tour operator software will offer tour/activity creation and customisable packages to your customers.

24/7 customer support:

With tour operator software, you can offer your customers 24/7 support in whichever manner they prefer: SMS, email, or website chat support.

Automatic ticket issuing:

Such solutions go ahead and automate exhausting manual tasks such as issuing tickets and confirming bookings. Confirmation and booking emails are automatically sent out by the system, ensuring an organised order of business.

Self-service cancellation & refunds:

Tour cancelling is a regular occurrence in the business, and you might experience this several times a day. However, with a tour operator software system, customers can easily cancel any booked tours and also be refunded conveniently within a cancellation period controlled by you, without any manual intervention required.

Media influence, promotions and customer insight:

Social media and the digital space have allowed the public to start consuming travel content rapidly, and many are desperate for new travel experiences. Tour operator software takes advantage of this and allows your social media platforms to link to one another and generate a massive online presence. Insight and analytic apps help you understand your customers better, promote your tours/activities and create new deals according to their liking, ultimately attracting more business opportunities.

Resource allocation:

Inventory management is crucial. Ideal tour operator software solutions include features providing an overview of all inventory: payments, bookings, what's in use, what's being repaired and more.


The perfect tour operator software will have readily available, pre-built customisable reports based on company data.

Channel Manager:

This special feature allows tour/activity providers or OTA's to easily add tours and activities to multiple online selling channels, vastly increasing their reach and potential bookings.

Our top three tour operator software picks


TripAdmit is the ideal software solution for tour operators who sell directly to customers and via online booking providers through a channel manager such as Expedia, Viator, Reserve with Google, and Groupon. This system makes it extremely convenient for tour providers to add their stock to an online platform and sell directly through their website or opt for third-party channels on their channel manager.

TripAdmit prides itself on providing an industry-leading user experience that enables you to get up and running online in the least complicated manner possible, with multiple payments options in place and low payment processing rates.


Set up in Australia, Rezdy is an all-in-one booking platform for managing and selling experiences online. The Rezdy marketplace enables individual suppliers to add their inventory and allows third-party resellers to distribute their tours/activities to an even wider audience. Rezdy also offers to book directly through a suppliers website.


Fareharbor is an online travel platform with booking and management software for tour and activity companies. With Fareharbor, users can add and manage their stock and organise them into widgets. These easy-to-use widgets sit on the customer's website and enable users to book directly from the supplier. Suppliers can also distribute their tours and activities to third-party channels.

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