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4 Tips for better selling online this Easter

Easter is a very busy time period for many tours activity providers. Families have longer periods of time off and young couples will look to take advantage of the numerous airlines sales prompting them to go abroad.


Here are a few tips and tricks to maximise the TripAdmit platform in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

1.Integrate the Channel Manager

It is no secret that having your tour or activity displayed in multiple areas will increase the visibility of your offering. TripAdmit offers a free setup service for customers who wish to avail of channels such as GYG & Viator. Early adopters have seen a vast increase in the number of bookings they receive. Get in touch with us today to begin this setup.

2.Book Now Buttons - Visibility

There is no point in have a wonderful visual and compelling marketing site to display your tours and activities without providing clear call to action buttons for people to book there and then. Online, you window of opportunity to get a direct booking is narrow, having clear and prominent call to action buttons give you the best opportunity to get the booking there and then before the potential customer browses elsewhere.

3.Tour Aggregator Modal

If you have more than one tour or activity on your site, get us to integrate the tour aggregator modal. This prominent widget displays all of your tours and activities from the homepage of your site in a visually compelling UI. The added advantage of a tour aggregator modal is that it compels potential customers to book there and then from a variety of options.

4.Target Domestic Markets

Early indications show that an increased number of people are choosing to vacation domestically, your business may traditionally rely on tourists but another marketing could be already present in your country of operation. Think about domestic and corporate markets to potentially pad out your availability.

We at TripAdmit are here to help you maximise your marketing efforts in 2022. Our team of marketing and customer success experts are on hand to guide you in selling online. Face-to-face video calls can easily be arranged through our customer success manager. Valentina Tantari.

For existing customers, simply email to arrange a date and time.